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Friday, January 04, 2008


Right. I dunno why I have to do this everytime. Everytime there's a new beginning, I have this urge to create a new blog. To start over again. I'll retain this one though, cos the links are more convenient. ((: Since so many of you use Blogger. usher in 2008, I've switched to SOMEWHERE.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I SMELL, a NEW smell.

The smell of 2008. Permeates the air. *smiles widely*

Only to *slump* in the next moment.

A thought strikes me!! I'm SUCH a cynic online. *muses* I'm not usually so morose in real life?? INTER-RESSS-TINGG...

The newspapers seem to be looking back on 2007 at every opportunity they get, so I guess I should to. Just go with the flow. *grins wickedly* Well, the truth is, I'm not feeling so cheery myself. Ah well. Here's to 2007:

2007, you were a pretty shitty year. Literally. I had diaherroa about 4 times this year, more than my other 17 years combined together. Which, is really saying something. I've hurdled more obstacles this year than in any other year, and pushed the limits of my boundaries further. I'm not sorry to wave bye-bye to your sorry behind, but I suspect the memory of what I've been through with you will dogg me till kingdom come.

Endless tests, revising, cracking my head over unsolvable sums...frustrations over my limitations in band and the bliddy SYF that took 10 years of my life away, yes, 2007, I'm surprised that I survived you. And yet, through all these trials and tribulations, there were many small tibits of cheer that supported me, providing abit of shielding against the heavy torrents. ((: Yes, 32/06, I love you lots, because of all the laughs you provided. And that's not even half the story.

I swear, 2007, you're a menace. What with loose bowels (HA! Made all of you squirm properly haven't I?), you also saw fit to bestow me with the dreaded pimple bug. Thanks to you, 2008 will have to greet a scowling ogre covered in angry red spots. I have a great mind to kick you hard in the backside, see how you like it! I sincerely hope that 2008, you'll be good enough to provide me respite from this unwelcome testiment from 2007. Thanks.

Anyhow, I have to grudgingly admit that 2007, you made me a stronger person. You taught me the art of acceptance, of letting go of the past. I am, of course, referring to TJCSB. I admit, I really hated playing with the band at first, nothing personal against any certain person, but hey, you're a pretty good bunch! The SYF really taught me the true spirit of TJCSB. My skills were woefully inadequate, but thanks to Wai Ngai, Kejian, Andy and not to forget Trinity!! I managed to rise to the occasion. ((: Thanks guys. It's been a valuable lesson learnt.

SO, 2008, I welcome you with open arms and an open mind, knowing that somehow, everything will be just DANDY. ((:

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Notes from TAIWAN

It is both winter and not winter in Taiwan as of now. If all of you are suitably confused (as I fully intended, HA!) I shall endeavour to enlighten you lesser beings on the finer points of Taiwanese weather. The further south you go, the hotter it is. Don't ask me why. I went from shivering to stripping. ((: Cool, eh? But I'm starting in the middle of nowhere.

This, is the changing of the guards, at some place. HEY! Don't blame me okay. This land of Taiwan happens to use my favourite language, MANDARIN. With ACCENTS that are unfanthomable. AND using the olden form of the written words too. HOW I survived there I shall never know. *sighs with pride*
Anyway, I'm SUPER PROUD of my superb angle when I took this photo, cos alot of tourists were jostling to get front row shots. SO. I noticed this Japanese man videoing the whole entire thing (the arm on the right of the photo is his, HE MOVED when I took the photo thus effectively inserting himself into my marvellous shot) and NOBODY was in his way. o.O Therefore, being the opportunist that I am, I sidled up next to him and made full use of his vantage point by placing my camera under his arm (= under his video cam but of course not directly UNDER his armpit la, I'm not some pervert). Am I a genius or WHAT.

Okay. This is their fishball. Seriously. HUGE. GIGANTUMOUS. MAMMOTH. And it's made of SHARK meat. Or is it whale? I dunno la! My poor grasp of the Chinese language was really getting to me by then.

This is some really cool sea. I KNOW this is called the Yin Yang Sea, cos yin and yang is the SAME in English and Chinese and who doesn't know that Sea is 'Hai' in Chinese?! You can't really see it in this picture but the sea has 2 colours. It was a really clear distinction too. o.O My sister got all excited about it.

This is ME. Yes, you can totally tell by my yellow bag, but that's not the point. The point is the beautiful scenary in front of me.
This is stupid photo no. 1!!! ((: I love taking stupid photos.
This picture just speaks for itself. If you really dunno what we're trying to do, please. Come find me. I'll personally give you a good shake to determine the size of your brain. This photo's taken while we were waiting for the train. Taiwan's English, is nothing short of erm. Not very good. I will further demonstrate later. By the way. This sign doesn't really make any sense whatsoever. As Ah Sam pointed out, 'if I'm not waiting that means I can cross?!' LOL.
Stupid photo no. 2 HEH HEH. This is at some pebble beach. Which means instead of sand you get pebbles. Duh right. But then again, this is 'Pebble Beach for Dummies' Those who clicked help.
Ok. I give up. My sister says I'm unproductive and so I shall be. HAHAHHAA. So part 1 of my trip shall end HERE.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

welcome to TAIWAN!!

Taiwan was...ho hum. It lived up to everyone's expectations of it. Good food, great shopping, handsome guys...HEH. BUT!! The one thing most people refrain from mentioning (I'm afraid I'm not quite so tactful) is the HORRIBLE AIR. Especially in the city area. Almost EVERYONE smokes. Honestly. Now I really appreciate the small number of people who smoke in Singapore. *winks*
Seriously!! I went to all the night markets and there were great buys, but there were no dustbins. NONE. Except for the food area. SO. Don't bring your food purchases around to nibble and shop, cos the disturbing lack of dustbins is well, disturbing. Hahah..the taiwanese people have resorted to depositing their rubbish by the roadside. ): While brain washed Singaporeans like me (SINGAPORE is a CLEAN & GREEN ENVIRONMENT!) goondu-ly hang on to the said piece of rubbish for AGES.

Oh and everyone gets around on scooters. Hahahah...I find it rather hilarious la...the roads have no straightforward 'green man= cross the road while vehicles stop for you' sign. Although their green man really is rather cute (in my sister's words). It doesn't flash like in Singapore. It RUNS. And it runs FASTER everytime the counter ticks down. That means it's actually sprinting when the countdown is at 5 secs. LOL. Anyway, I have to get back to the main point. When the green man comes on, it means 'look left, look right, and look again to make sure there's no auntie on a scooter impatiently inching her way towards you, itching to zoom off to some urgent appointment with the dentist'. REALLY! Scooters go ANYWHERE. Even when you're squeezing through the throng in the Night markets, a scooter is liable to squeeze with you, no matter how crowded or seemingly inaccessible the area is. ((:

But I'm not here to complain about how bad Taiwan really is quite an interesting place, and the people we were travelling with were highly interesting too. HAHAHA...

I learnt the Rubik's cube within one night!!! ((: Pro or not...cos there happened to be this family made up of really really smart people (RI, Cat High, St. Nicks o.O ) whose oldest son (whom my youngest sister affectionately calls Ah SAM) is also addicted to the cube (he does it within 1 min or so) and both families sort of bonded over it. I wouldn't say we were extremely friendly with one another, but it was HILARIOUS.

We started talking (abit) cos I was absorbed in trying to complete the cube when I looked up, and saw him staring at me (doing the cube. Not AT me.). SO. I stared back. He saw me staring at him. He turned abruptly around and said to his brother 'SHIT!' HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG. I nearly burst trying to control my laughter. Then he turned back and asked me why I started with the yellow side first. Like, what kind of question is that?!

Ah Sam: how come you all do the yellow side first?
Me *in a deceptively calm voice*: What's wrong with yellow?
(knowing me, I take offence with people who seem to have a problem with yellow. ((: Hahah..)
Ah Sam: There's nothing wrong with yellow...but it's abit OBVIOUS isn't it?
Me thinking: wth is so obvious about yellow!?
(and it must have shown on my face cos he started explaining himself in this totally mumbly-mo manner)
Ah Sam: Cos right when you do yellow...*mumbly sounds*....then the white...*more mumbly sounds*...*mumbles all the way*
(I gave him one of my thousand and one expressions. This particular one consisted of me arching my evil eyebrow and smiling politely like I know what he's talking about)
Ah Sam: I think I'm making all this up, actually. *turns away abruptly again*

HONESTLY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! He was christened 'xiao shuai ge' by the tour guide. LOL. So everyone talks about him in 'shuai ge' terms. And his family in 'shuai ge's family' terms. Poor thing.

The one I gleefully covered in arrows is HE. And guys, don't be jealous cos he's like what, 1.8m tall. I look like a DWARF next to him (according to the sis who calls him AH SAM). ((: Heh heh.

Anyway. This is just a teaser. Part one of Taiwan ((:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


BIG BAD DAY PLEASE GO AWAY!!!!!!! *screams my head OFF*

I got pang seh-ded by the class girls AGAIN. *sighs* Granted, it was abit last minute (okay, VERY) but still!!! ): Brothers forever outing again...with MAK KIN LOONG brushing teeth in the middle of a phone call with Mr Chai. LOL. *gargles noisily* Aston's was okay...strolling around was okay too. Conversation with Mr Chai was as usual, a complete apoplectic experience. He NEVER fails to suan me. NEVER. Except when he excitedly went to STALK some people...HEH HEH. Aiya but whatever. I shall happily wave BYE BYE to you all tomorrow!! I'll be back with my favourite brown paper bags to cover all of your botakness ((: Clovis wants Nike right?? I got marker don't worry. Tick very easy to draw one. HAHAHAHAHA...

I was a complete ass at home. I'm sorry...

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

PROM!!! ((: (revised 1)

TJ PROM was a BLAAAAASSSSSTTTTT!!!! JUST AWESOME MAN!!! It wasn't so much the location (Marina Mandarin), and it wasn't the food (except maybe for the ice-cream) was the COMAPNY!!! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enjoyment...and although I didn't take very many nice photos!! I'm going to miss 32/06 like hell man...

Ok...ADAM was the emcee. Like, *jaw drops with a clang* This junior was in band with us and now he's emceeing!? Hahahah he was a really good emcee though. Kept everybody in fits of laughter. The camera was kept busy busy!! Until it died halfway on me...I'm still waiting for photos from WOOSH!, Abby (who took this totally HILARIOUS photo of Qian Hui and I), PRINCESS (who is a horrible creature), Wan Hsin (who should still be sleeping), Aiysha and...anybody else who still has my photos PLEASE send them to me online. Thanks.

See my evil face...SOBS. I look stupid in photos. DAMN. There's Adam. Ren Liang, the Evil Queen and Xinling!!! ((:

My photos are, as usual, not very nice fact I only have about 1 nice photo with me now. -.-" With Kok Yi. In which he says I blend in with the background lol. I appreciate this photo best cos he had to try 4 times before it could be sent successfully. ): Must be the rain.

AND CHICKEN IS SO FREAKING TALL LA!!!! Disgusting he purposely stand straighter to emphasise that fact. -.-" Without heels, I'm only at his armpit. HEH.
Everybody! Take notice of this ok. The tiara WASN'T my idea. The stylist just plonked it on my head, egged on by Wan Hsin and Xiu Ru. Hence enabling me to effectively overthrow Princess. Hahahaha...and the reason why I'm wearing specs is because I can't wear contacts. SADLY. Don't ask me to explain again. It's too sad.

We went there...and first thing was everybody noticed the tiara straight off (DAMN). Then WY noticed that I plucked my eyebrows (another sensitive issue) and Daniel noticed that I wasn't wearing contacts (DUH. Yet another sensitive issue.) SO...the evening didn't start straightoff on a good note. (: PLUS they saboed me...2 tables of my class voted me best dressed. -.-" HENG got other people got more votes. *glowers*

The food was ok...but my table like so -.-" during games. We stood down there like some 'act cool' idiots. HAHAHAHA. The guys were the stars of the night!!! All of them dressed VERY nicely...HANDSOME!! ((:
All the girls were very pretty too...Shalynn and Xiu Ru (even though she said she looked like a green dragon) and Abby and Noriko and Caroline and the Dolphin gang (sorry la I lazy type alr)...everybody was GLAM!!!

This is a damn ugly photo la cos my face was blocked by Abby...Hahahha...the bright side is, HENG cannot see my evil face. All the pretty pretty ones all can see.

We were the last to leave the hotel...besides the lucky class which won a one night stay at the hotel that is. Cool right?? Loitering around. This is Xiu Ru. Who said she looks like a green dragon.

The green eyeshadow isn't that obvious in this photo la...but it's there, take my word for it. ((: The one next to her is Qian Hui. Hahahaha...taekwando friend!!! Be careful lest she chops you.

I told her (xiu ru) she looks like Angelina Jolie. Which made her very happy for awhile until I told her that it was the Angelina Jolie in Bewoulf. Hahahaha...cos she was evil in that movie.

All the other nice photos are with my PLEASE. Send them to me. AT ONCE. ((: I'm gonna miss you guys. Lubs you very mux forevers worx...HAHAHAHAHAHAH

YAY!! Woosh finally got back from his class chalet and I've got more photos AT LAST lol.

This is ERNEST. Who never fails to laugh at me, for whatever reason. He managed to find my new specs extremely hilarious. -.-" He plans to create a photo log of ALL my expressions. HAHAHA...Korea mate!!!! WHOOO!!!

WOOSH!!! hahahaha...BANANA OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!! ((: I can't believe we were OBLIVIOUS to each other's existence in TMS. So -.-" leh. Must go other country then realise. 'EH?! You from temasek one ah! I didn't know leh!' 'I also didn't know leh!!' Even then, Clovis was the first to realise. -.-" We're so LOUSY please. LOL. We became good friends after that.

The 3 cuckoos. ((: All eyes small small de!!! I just noticed. HAHAHAH!! Don't blame me for sounding sooo happy. All the girls in my class have such BEEG eyes please. Even if they're not big, at least they're visible when they smile. Mine, as Wan Hsin happily puts it "Even if you close your eyes also no difference." @#$%^&*! Sad fact of my life. HAHAHAHAHHA...

It was so stupid la...the class actually planned to go to some bar after prom instead of Zouk (we're all budget people la...Zouk must PAY $$) BUT!! We dilly dallied around for such a long time, everybody went home. In the end...the guys and Cheryl and Zhuangs walked around aimlessly until 2 plus before settling at MACS can you BELIEVE IT?! It's prom and we're glam and you go to MACS. LOL ah, all of you.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

WAAAAHHHH!! I went to pluck my eyebrows with Cheryl today even though I wasn't really planning to. Guess what. I look EVIL now!!!! WHA LAO EH!!!! Sian sian I really look my age, cannot look innocent anymore!! Eyebrows, please grow, please grow...LOL. HAI. HAI!!!! I want my innocent look back...SOBS. Christianne however, has to put in her 2 cents worth as usual. "Congratulations! You're FINALLY putting your childhood behind you!" OML!!! I don't want to put my childhood behind me!!! Hahahahahahaha....ok la, I do, abit. But I want to continue irritating her more. And to do so, I need to look childish. To sum it up nicely in one word, SHIT. HAHahahahahah...

Yesterday's bbq! Cos CLOVIS TAN DUNNO HOW TO PLAY BRIDGE PROPERLY AND KEPT LOSING. And since I was his partner, I kept losing as well. HA! (Lol...) Plus, Mr Chai's house is damn nice la!! Wth. My house is like shit compared to his please. Although I do stay on a floor higher than him. Not fair right!!! PLUS 3 dogs. MR CHAI! Say thanks from me to your parents yea!!! Wha they very nice leh. ((: Hope there's another class outing again soon.

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Friday, November 30, 2007


((: EMU SO IRRITATING!!! Went shopping with Emu and XL 2 days was...irritating. On Jessica's part. HAHAHAHA...glad to see we haven't lost our irritating skills!!! XL bore with it admirably. (: Finally bought my dress!! And a bag...but we MUST go shopping again man!!!! EH JESSICA. Wha lau...all that ghost talk...I couldn't sleep la that night!!! Sickening irritating twit. *dodo zhao!*

Ok. Being the entirely understanding being that I am, I fully realise that most of you will be looking at that paragraph and go, 'HUH?!' because I am my bamboozly, incoherent self again. ((:

But to bring everybody back to terra firma...class bbq at Mr Chai's place this Sun!!! Just AWESOME, no? (this is something I THINK Cameron Diaz keeps saying in this totally bimbotic way in Charlie's Angels. I think it's HILARIOUS.) It's so exciting la!!! (my sister insists that I insert her comment here: 'LAME LA. Making a mountain out of a hill as usual.' Upon which I started smirking and pompously told her that it's a mole hill. NOT a hill. After which she stalked off, complaining that I 'always laugh at her'. Where got?!) WOW! look at that! 2 long bracketted speeches interspersed by 4 words!!!

Ok la....trying to act dumb as usual. Like some twit.

Let us pause to give me some time to regain some precious brain cells. I have been contemplating whether to apply for the SPH scholarship. (I KNOW I VERY LAG.) BUT!! This is the third time I'm filling in the bliddy form (I haven't even sent in even 1.) because of various errors and bad feelings la...looking at my disastrous Prelim results, I think they'll take one look at the form and burst out laughing. Compared to all the AAAAA on those intelligent beings from RJ and VJ and HCJ...): Sobs.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the girl with no face

I just realised last gazallion posts seem to lack colourful photos. Zzz...what to do. My father bought a new camera but I have yet to kope it to entertain myself. On second dad will probably kill me for even touching his new baby. (: Hahahaha...

Wha I'm like super tired now?? I packed like the whole entire world la!! (If the world is as big as my room that is) I cleared all the stacks of worksheets, textbooks, workbooks, assessment books, whatever not books...that my mother has this penchant of hoarding. SO TIRING AND DUSTY PLEASE!!! And why am I sloughing away doing menial work when I could have been enjoying myself outside!!!!! ARGH! Jessica and Xinling ah...busy busy busy, got no time to entertain me lol. And that Chun ah! Wha can't stand it. Ask me go his house when he wasn't even home. Hahaha...lame la. HAI. So. Clean the house my room is spick and span, organised to a point, and um. Clean la, basically.

So. Just for the sake of putting up photos...this is from VERY long time ago, but I haven't had the time to upload these from the camera. Some of you may have watched the Channel U show and seen Elvin Ng, Joanne Peh, Pierre Png and I-forgot-her-name. :x Fiona's friend (the lucky thing) even got Elvin to pose for her please. Jealous or not! Hahahaha...

See the shuai ge?! Hahahahah...he's up for kissing (on the cheek hor) for this charity drive. It was on the news yesterday and it had my sister and I rolling about in mirth. Cos they interviewed him and he looked so apprehensive about it. We were thinking, 'cos alot alot alot of people want to kiss you right!!' HAHAHAHAH!!! Aiya, but he so tall, cannot reach la, so nothing to worry about Elvin. He's my long lost cousin leh!!! All Ng family one. (: ya right. Hahahah..

Okay. There. There's the 4 of them. The picture's abit blur la...but it's damn difficult to take such a photo when you're in the audi okay!!! That's the closest I could get, so appreciate it.

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Monday, November 26, 2007


I am getting all hot and bothered, dammit.

I need to get a job need to get a job need to get a bliddy job or the money for the conversion of my sad and sparse wardrobe will not be forthcoming. EMPLOY ME EVERYBODY!!!! ARGH. I never thought I'd see the day where I get so frustrated with being poor that I try to spin my hair (what's left of it) into gold. Like the girl in Rumplestilskin. Or however you spell his bliddy name. Money money money....

AND the mess that is my room (due to sad lack of space to tuck my JC stuff out of sight) is KILLING ME. I HATE disorganized stuff. Call me a organisational freak if you like, I don't care.

As you can probably surmise by now (unless you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon), I'm in all of a grumpy and cranky state of mind. MONEY!!!!!!

SO many things I want to do, so little TIME. Sometimes my brain really tries to think about more than one thing at a time. Like the djinn in the Bartimaeus trilogy (if you haven't read it, please, DO. It's a hoot. Seriously.). Anyway. The point is, my brain can do what my body can't. And since my body can't do what my brain wants to do, I can't do what I want to do, and I'm talking about myself as if I'm 3 separate entities. YUCK.

I'm losing my articulate-ness, if there is even such a word. Not funny, yada yada, bugger off. I'm in a foul mood, and there's a thundercloud hovering over my head, ready to burst violently on anyone who dares to cross me. Vile rogues and villians.

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